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 » admin, 09/09/10 18:38:11

What is mziki.co.ke Social Media Platform?
mziki.co.ke social media platform is a software solution that provides media networking services to registered users such as video and audio sharing - if you are familiar with sites like YouTube or MySpace, then you have seen social media communities in action. mziki.co.ke was built from the ground up to be a social community platform, and to provide members with the tools needed to create sites like these.
mziki.co.ke is a powerful set of programs that run on our web server, enabling members to provide social media features to them and their visitors such as video sharing, audio sharing, blogs, photos, reviews, ratings, and more.
mziki.co.ke provides dozens of different modules and addons for member site, as well as hundreds of configuration options - if a member needs a highly configurable solution, mziki.co.ke is what they are looking for.

Building a community with mziki.co.ke

mziki.co.ke specializes in building web communities centered around media producers such as musicians, photographers, video enthusiasts and more - mziki.co.ke gives you the capability to provide dozens of different services to your users.
mziki.co.ke is also used by many schools, churches and other organizations that want to provide media capabilities to their employees or members. mziki.co.ke can be setup as an "open" signup system, invitation only, subscription based or closed system for authorized users only. The systems flexibility allows us to configure it any way we want.
mziki.co.ke can handle uploaded media in many different formats, and can even convert uploaded audio and video "on the fly" to the standard MP3 format (for audio) and FLV format (for video) - this ensures the media always plays in the custom Mziki.co.ke Flash Players.

Helping you grow - experience matters

mziki.co.ke has been creating this social media website for over 3 years - long before the introduction of most Kenyan online social.
With mziki.co.ke, you are not only getting a very powerful platform to build your site, but you are also joining an active support community of thousands of other mziki.co.ke site owners - we're here to make sure you succeed in creating the website you want. With 3 years of providing top notch support to our customers, we're here for you when you need us.
Are you ready to get started with mziki.co.ke? You'll find a wide variety of login options specifically tailored to different sites needs. You can get started for free.

Functions and Features

mziki.co.ke functions and features are made available via different add-on "packs" since we know not every site wants every feature. The following Option Matrix provides an overview of the different options and features available. Note that just the "major" features in mziki.co.ke are listed here - with almost 200 different profile options, and hundreds of global options, if it is not listed here, most likely mziki.co.ke already supports it.

Support for Unlimited Artist Profiles Core Tools and Config SEO URL Support Artist Profiles User Account Manager Media Approval System Profile Page Blog Artist Songs/Audio Files Gig/Event Calendar Artist Buy Now Store User Stations Ranking System Rating System User Private Notes Custom Content Artist Basic and Advanced Stats Custom Form Fields Google Analytics Integration Skins Signup System Fans and Friends Accounts Advanced Audio Charts Auto MP3 Lofi Creator Gallery Selector Remote Audio File Slurper Artist PDF Press Kits User Favorites User Invitations Video Support Advanced Video Charts TV Channels Profile Photo Galleries Flash Player Support Community and Profile Forums Custom Profile Editor Comments and Reviews Profile Guestbook Artist Page Lock Download Lock Jeroen 3 Flash Player License Artist Profile Digital Sales Artist Profile Ticket Sales mziki.co.ke Subscriptions Digital Purchase Promo Codes Advanced Ad Manger Skins Recommended Videos + Music N8Flash Video Player MusicDNS Audio Filtering ++ Copyright Detection ++ Total Flash Media Players 11 11 15 15 17 17 Support ** ** ** **


Mziki.co.ke Mobile 1.2.1

Provider: Mziki.co.ke

The Mziki.co.ke Mobile Module adds a Mobile Site to your Mziki.co.ke for your viewers that are coming to your Mziki.co.ke site page using the latest Smart phones (i.e. iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Opera Mobile, etc.). It is 100% template based, and features real Mobile Streaming of audio (i.e. the user does not have to wait for the entire MP3 to download before it starts to play) on those devices that support it.

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