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Artist - T.I.D


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Location: AFRICA: Kenya
Signed up: 28 Mar 2008 05:32 PM
Genre: Hip-Hop
NAME: Khalid Mohamed
AGE: 27
SIGN: Scorpio
BIRTH PLACE: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
JOB: Afro-Beat / Bongo Flava Artist
GENRE: Bongo Flava
BASE: Dar Es Alam, Tanzania

T.I.D., alias Khalid Mohamed, was born in 1981 in Dar es Salaam. He studied at Bunge primary school until 1996, and later 2000 he attended Ordinary level. In the same year, Khalid Mohamed underwent a production studio course for eight months and then attended several computer courses in Dar es Salaam. T.I.D. comes out of the current vivid hip hop/ R&B musical environment in Dar es Salaam, T.I.D. is in fact short for "Top in Dar".

He started to venture into music by the age of 7 by imitating tracks from various foreign artists such as Bobby Brown, New Edition where he was practicing and perfecting for the purpose of becoming like them. With his debut album entitled "Sauti ya Dhahabu", which consists of eight songs, including his smash hit "Zeze", that also was included on Putumayo's 2003 compilation "Global soul". "Sauti ya Dhahabu" is published on Amit Bajaj's Poa Records that also released T.I.D's former hit single "Mrembo." T.I.D. is Tanzania's new darling. He has taken his home country by storm with his catchy hit "Zeze", which is also to be found on "Sauti -".

The reason for his popularity is easy to trace: A good soul like voice, (a golden voice according to the album title) modern arrangements and captivating songs. And he sings in his native tongue, Swahili, Tanzania's National language. In a Tanzanian setting this soul is something new, it sounds liberating and fresh in a country where Congolese soukous has been a dominant musical direction for 30 years.

So much said it should be added that internationally speaking, "Sauti ya Dhahabu" does not represent much of a novelty, at least not musically. T.I.D. sounds surprisingly similar to his American idols, if he hadn't been singing in Swahili, it would have been difficult to pick T.I.D. from the big mass. But he does sing in Swahili, and he also has a very fine ability to unite te wordplay of hip hop with catchy melodies. In this way he breaks the barriers of hip hop and opens the doors to a broader audience. "Sauti-" is at its best when T.I.D. sticks to his good melodies, like the mentioned "Zeze", simply an irrisistible hit song with a potensial far behind Tanzanian borders. Also "Siamini" and "Mrembo" have fine, melodious qualities.

The music is basically soul oriented and is based on the synthesizer, here is not a trace of a single original instrument. T.I.D. achieves a uniform expression, the production is all right, but I miss local musical colours. Still there is no doubt that T.I.D. can go far; especially if he dares to trust his local environment and adds some of the fantastic rhythms that exists right outside his kitchen door. Anyway, T.I.D. creates big exceptions.


After the release of his mega hit 'Zeze' T.I.D was invited to perform in Kenya in December of 2003 at a concert at the Carnivore grounds. Being the main attraction of the show fans waited for him axiously to perform but when his time finally came T.I.D performed for less than five minutes and unceremoniously left the stage. His Kenyan fans were furious with him and the press was not forgiving either. It is said that because of this single incident T.I.D's songs have never been received well again in the Kenyan musical market. He did later apologise for what happened and blamed the matter on the event organiser. Also sometime in 2006 it was reported that T.I.D and Q-Chilla both who are musicians from Tanzania found out that they were blood related, they went on to form Topband but which never lasted for long as it broke up soon after releasing their first single 'Nilikata'.

Love Life

T.I.D is currently rumored to be dating TZ songbird and beauty Ray C.


Sauti Ya Dhahabu (2003)
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