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Artist - Pilipili


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Location: AFRICA: Kenya
Signed up: 28 Mar 2008 01:53 PM
Genre: Genge

NAME: Peter Gatonye
BIRTHDATE:November 4th
STAGE NAME: Pilipili
JOB: Musician
GENRE: Genge
RECORD LABEL:Calif Records
BASE: Nairobi, Kenya


Born on November 4th in Nairobi and brought up in both Nairobi and Mombasa, Peter Gatonye started his literacy journey in Embakasi and completed his O levels in Kiagotho Secondary in Murang’a before he did Business Management. He developed love for music while he was still in Primary School and would not miss a choir session. He held the microphone for the first time in class seven and would entertain his schoolmates crazily. He would later perform at jam sessions in F2, double double.By then he used to do rap music and while still in Secondary School he joined hands with an artist who made it big in the music scene but due to academic commitment, he could not make the pace.


He recorded his first song,”dhiki”,which was produced by Chris Adwal at Brick house/next level studio in Makini School, while he was in form three. His studio buddies were Vinnie Banton, Mr Googs, and Wyre among other artists. In 2002, he went to Ted Josiah’s studio which was then known as Audio volt and recorded songs, some of them in Kikuyu, which are still rib breaking and high requests in local stations. It was his mentor, Ted Josiah, who advised him to change from rapping to singing.

Later, he moved to Ogopa and did a collabo,"nampenda" with Gun-B in 2003 with whom they later parted ways. In August 2004,the mellow voiced pepper joined Calif Records and recorded “Papasa”,a hit whose super beats were later used in the hit song “vile tafanya”.He then immediately stated working on a song that would become a talent inflation evidence,”Kamata dame” This song proved him a self styled flavor which he featured the king of Genge,Juacali.It also won awards in the Kisima 2005 for Best Boomba,best collabo,artist of the year and also went along with the best dressed artist’s award. This was one of his greatest moments and he was not ready to rest coz he also joined with Rat A Tat to do “Morale”, featured in Lady S’s “Ukimwona” and on the gospel, he as featured by Mr. Boo in the same year. In the early 2006, he was the first artist to welcome the year with “Toto” a song that gained a lot of popularity before he left for London where he entertained thousands fans alongside Juacali, in a show that made him one of the most sought after artist in Kenya.

When he came back, he released the song“Mpaka chee”alongside Jimwat and also released his album,”FUNGUA MLANGO”which is one of the best selling albums in the land.

Chilli, as he is commonly known as, has also performed in Uganda, Tanzania, and in the USA.Alongside his music career, he has also a clothing line called “Chilli wear” which include t-shirt labels; Mpaka che, among other related labels. Others include, a pair of trousers, shoes, bandanas, etc

Having been inspired by many people especially R.Kelly and Usher, Chilli does music coz he loves it and he has done courses to help him manage it. He doesn’t choose the kind of music to listen to and only death will separate him from it. Having come one of the longest ways one can ever hustle, the now established artist believes that nothing is impossible and currently helps recording artists during his free time. You cannot know how his flavor tastes unless you buy his album.
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