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Miriam Chemmos

Artist - Miriam Chemmos

Miriam Chemmos

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Last update: 08/17/15 00:07:24
Account: Lyrics Kenya Artist Quota

Location: AFRICA: Algeria
Signed up: 27 Mar 2008 06:32 PM
Genre: Acapella

NAME: Miriam Chemmos
GENDER: Female
AGE: 28
SIGN: Unavailable
BIRTH PLACE: Nairobi, Kenya
STAGE NAME: Miriam Chemmos
JOB: Musician
GENRE: Afro-Fusion / Lingala
BASE: New York & Miami, Florida USA

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Miriam was born to a Scottish/Tanzanian mother, and an Elgon Maasai/Sabaot father from Kenya. She was raised in a potent brew of East-African, Middle-Eastern, and European cultures. She spent her formative years between Kenya, Tanzania, Europe and now the US where she came to college in the late 90's. Miriam received classical training in music, and performed at solo and choral competitions as a youth; helping her develop into the disciplined artist she is today.


In 2004, Miriam moved to New York City where she would develop her performance skills more as a member of “the Marvalletes Revue” under the direction of original Marvallete, Pam Darden, in a revival of the famous Motown girl group. A year later, she joined the legendary “Soukous Stars” band; experts at Congolese Rumba (Zaiko) (And winners of the 2004 International Reggae and World Music Awards). She carved out a role among the male veterans as the sole female voice on both harmony and lead vocals.

In late 2006, she teamed up with Ugandan producer Gasuza to record her first commercial single “RUDI”. A Swahili love anthem which literally means, “come back”, “RUDI” is an enchanting classic and has been on top of the charts and countdowns of several radio stations in urban markets all over the world: WBLS (New York), SARFM (New York), VOICE OF AMERICA (Washington, DC), Hot 96 FM, KISS FM, CAPITOL FM (KENYA), SANYU FM (Uganda), GHANA CHOICE FM, amongst others. Her vibrant presence and star quality is evident on the video of the international hit “RUDI”. The video has been in rotation on MTV Base, Channel O and many local and international TV stations since early 2007.

Due to the buzz from her single release; Miriam has been featured in several publications in the US and overseas. She has been called The Queen of African Urban Music (Vibe Magazine, Sept 2007) and has received great reviews for her work. When asked where she gets her inspiration, Miriam mentions such African singers as her namesake Miriam Makeba, Sade, Tshala Mwana, Angelique Kidjo and Brenda Fassie amongst other influences. As a performer, Miriam brings an eccentric and sultry stage presence. Her music beautifully blends; Afro-funk, Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rumba and Zouk- giving her a wide musical audience.

Her self-expression as well as her rich cultural background is a breath of fresh air, much needed in the evolving music industry of today. Miriam Chemmoss is currently hitting the road, sharing her music and supporting a range of causes she is passionate about such as the plight of AIDS orphans in AFRICA, Education, Peace and Hope for those affected by war and other disasters. When she is not performing she is in the studio completing her debut album.

Inspiration / Influences

African Music, Lingala
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