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Artist - MaichblaQ


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Account: Lyrics Kenya Artist Quota

Location: AFRICA: Kenya
Signed up: 30 Oct 2008 09:50 AM
Genre: Hip-Hop
Influences: Nas

Born victor maina in March 31st 1982 in Nairobi,Kenya.The name MaichblaQ came while attending Nairobi School.After finishing high school in 2000,Maichblaq went to Real music shool in Nairobi where he did piano major.It was in 2001 when he formed a group called P1 with his long term friend and compatriot The herbalist.They did two singles with Ogopa djs,First hit feat the late k-rupt and Nataka jua,later on Maichblaq and the Herbalist started their own recording studio,Herbal Records.The stable did well unveiling talents such as El-tezy,Geedruff,Choku and many more and produced classics such as Cheki dem,Tunapepea and Sababu yako,a collaboration between MaichblaQ and Geedruff.Later on Maichblaq and Herbalist moved to Ogopa djs as assistant producers.After a few months and a few hits notably Hepi by Historians,MaichblaQ moved on to Southwest Records.It was here that he stamped his authority on the kenyan music scene producing the likes of Redsan,Vultures,Longombas,Nonini,Mr Googs and Vinny banton just to mention a few.In 2005 Maichblaq moved on to Dutty sounds where he did another album for Redsan,the Pioneer.After a long absence from the stage and behind the mic,MaichblaQ has teamed up once again with Herbalist,and he is back in the booth as well........WATCH OUT...........
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lyricskenya (14 Oct 2009 01:07 PM)

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