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Alpha Msanii

Artist - Alpha Msanii
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Alpha Msanii

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Last update: 09/29/15 04:59:48
Account: Lyrics Kenya Artist Quota

Location: AFRICA: Algeria
Signed up: 27 Oct 2010 10:25 PM
Members: Solo
Genre: Genge



                        PLACE OF BIRTH:

                        EASTLEIGH,NAIROBI KENYA.

                        YEAR,EARLY 80'S


                        FAMILY LIFE:

                        I grew up in a family of 2 girls and 1 a tender age mom passed away and my father was 

                        left with a responsibility of taking care of us.                          



                        I attended river bank primary school,then joined arya boys secondary school

                        after completing my high school education i joined college at the K.C.I.T.I{Kenya Christian Industrial Technical Institute}

                        where i completed my studies in automotive engineering in 2002.


                        MUSIC CAREER:

                        Brought up in a christian family i  developed interest in music at an early age of 7

                        i used to sing in the church choir and was really influenced by Gospel music,

                        furthermore i also  was in the drama team and got a chance to showcase my

                        talent in our local broadcasting channel at the time{K B C}in their local programme

                        that was aired every saturday,"the childrens theater".


                        Hip hop was later to influence me in my teens and my way of living,the likes of the Notorious big,dr dre,

                        and the late 2pac among others had a huge influence on me when it came to this

                        type of genre.Come 1999 i participated in my first rap battle at the popular

                        florida 2000,the following year i joined a group of rappers and formed "the slum dwellaz"


                        The group consisted of three members namely:mc ru,ali,alpha msanii,we

                        were able to record our first single"nikuget" through fundraising from family,friends

                        and well wishers.Clemo took notice of our talent and signed us to his label{calif records}

                        where we recorded 2 more singles before the group broke up for each member to

                        pursue a solo career.


                        PATH TO SOLO CAREER:

                        As a solo artist i managed to record my first solo track titled ok in 2005 which was later followed

                        by" million chances"feat q-ta-c.My first radio release was the track"msanii"which i collaborated with Laety and was released in 2008

                        the song was later  nominated for the kisima awards which unfourtunately never took place.

                        I later went on to release my first single titled"sina confidence"which received considerable

                        amount of air play on both local fm stations and tv.2010 i was able to release yet another single "million chances" feat q-ta-c which is also received considerable amount of air play on both radio and tv and featured in various local countdowns.Apart from being an artist am also the current

                        studio engineer for calif records and am involved in day to day running of the studio.



                        Am currently working on my first solo album and doing a huge chunk of collaborations,a documentary is also in the pipeline



                        I draw alot of my inspiration from my day day living and people who have influenced my life

                        in ways words can't explain,the best being my dad who raised us as a single parent.




                                                        USHAPOTEZA CHANCES FEAT Q-TA-C

                                                        MSANII FEAT LAETY

                                                        SINA  CONFIDENCE

                                                        TWAELEKEA WAPI FEAT LINDA

                                                        NISHAMPATA FEAT SHEENA

                                                        ZILE SIKU

                                                        TAKE THIS TIME FEAT Q-TA-C

                                                        SITACHOKA NA KUNGOJA WT BRAYO AND SHEENA

                                                        DISCO GAL WT BENJA

                                                        USINITESE WT JAHWATCHMAN

                                                        KAMA WANITAKA WT JAHWATCHMAN

;                                                       HEY HEY WT JUACALI AND JEDIDAH

                                                        CHINI YA MAJI WT RAUDY,KENDI AND ALAHOLA

                                                        TUKO BASE WT Q-TA-C,MEJJA AND LINET          




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